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The world of Titanius is a seedy place. To best envision it, imagine a cross between the style of the 1930’s with a large dose of cyberpunk.

The fields of robotics and bioengineering have made leaps and bounds over the past few years. Artificial sentience, cybernetic enhancing of biological tissue, and laser beam technology are all commonplace in the streets.

However, due to an unyielding decline in the world economy, many are unable to enjoy the luxuries of living in “the future today”. A worldwide stock market crash causes 95% of banks to go bankrupt within 9 months.

As in all struggles humanity has ever faced, chaos rears its ugly head. Crime waves engulf the cities as ruling political parties are rivaled by organized crime syndicates.

Almost as an act of desperation, the UC creates CASP in an attempt to put a knife in the back of those who create mayhem. Unfortunately, CASP management uses the organization as a corrupt tool, letting innocent people get swept into its technological inquisition.

Main Page

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